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Best Moving and Storage Companies

New apartments and cross-town moves can be stressful and exciting at the same time. An international move or a move out of state is a different story. Whether you ship your items via air, truck, or shipper, the process comes with a mixed bag of worries, risks, and anticipation. 


The Moving Feedback team understands the importance of selecting the right company for the job based on your unique situation. Taking the time to select the best moving companies of 2021, we hope to provide you with a smooth moving experience.

The Qualities of Best Moving Companies

The reputations of moving companies vary according to the geographic region, as they do in every industry. But how can you tell if a moving company is a good one? Our local operations should be checked against these criteria:

Inexperienced companies are more likely to make mistakes, and moving is a major undertaking. When working with a task that involves so many moving parts across hundreds of miles, consider working with well-established companies.

What items do you own that require special care? Is it possible to store some of your items in a different place? Is your move overseas in the works? Moving companies that offer packing services are needed? Do you want to ship your vehicle to Alaska from Hawaii? Check to see that all the services you need are provided by the company.

What guarantees are they able to provide in writing? Moving companies should ensure the safe delivery of your items. A minimum level of insurance is a must. In case of an accident, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the damages will be covered.

When you called the movers, how long did it take you to get through to someone who could help you? What was the person’s level of politeness and professionalism? If you had any special requests, were they willing to accommodate them? To determine whether a service is good, you can ask many questions.

Google My Business and Yelp are both used by even the smallest of American businesses. In addition to detailed reviews, Moving Feedback also features moving reviews. Make sure you read the reviews and look beyond just the average score, taking into consideration that even great companies occasionally receive negative reviews, especially if they are working with local subcontractors.

Our Methodology

Only the best and most reliable moving companies are included in our list of recommended companies. 


Our experts take into account a variety of factors in the selection process, including the equipment the company uses, the location’s availability, customer reviews, at least one question, and a company’s reputation in the industry. 


You can decide which company best fits your needs by reading our comprehensive reviews of each company. Ultimately, we have your best interest at heart so we carefully research each company and provide honest, helpful reviews.

The Cost of Hiring Best Movers

When you hire professionals to move your house, you can expect to pay a high price. Paying for their services may be well worth it for those who want convenience, reduced risks, peace of mind that comes with working with a reputable institution, and even the joy of working with someone with whom they have good chemistry or values in common. 

When deciding how much your move will cost, movers take into account a few factors. The following points should be considered when determining whether a quote is fair:

  • It costs more to pack and move a larger house or a house with more items.
  • In most cases, extra services such as packing and debris removal are charged separately.
  • A move in a busy period may cost more, depending on the mover’s location.
  • You will pay more if you move internationally, especially if it is a long-distance move.

To reduce the cost of your move, there are a few things you can do before you request a quote from movers. Considering your limitations, like time, physical strength, and driving ability, is important. 


By doing just one of these things, costs can be significantly reduced:

  1. Instead of hiring professionals, ask family and friends to help you pack.
  2. Whenever possible, try to donate as much as you can to reduce the moving load.
  3. If you want to tow your vehicle as well as transport your most-needed belongings, you should rent a separate truck.
  4. Transporting your items directly can be done by hiring a truck driver or delivery driver.
  5. Take advantage of slow periods by moving between the 10th and 20th of the month.

The Moving Checklist

Relocating is an anxiety-inducing and complicated process. Some of us are afraid of forgetting to finish the task or leaving something behind. A checklist makes it easier to stay organized and reduces the risk of errors or forgetfulness. Checklists may be provided by the moving company you hire. The following items should be considered if not:

Changing your license, registration, and title may not be enough. It could, for example, be necessary to pay the difference in taxes if you purchase a vehicle outside of a specific state like Nevada. The process of emigration is even more complicated when you migrate overseas.

You should notify all service providers in both locations of your move, from gas to internet to USPS. Some companies may recommend partners in another state or country. Your cable or internet provider may transfer your services themselves so that you can maintain uninterrupted service. The USPS may only require a change of address.

After settling in one area for some time, it’s amazing how much you can accumulate. If you get rid of items you don’t need or want, you will save money on your move. Get rid of items by donating items, giving things to friends and family, and throwing out the rest. Make sure you keep the groceries in mind when purging. Perishables must be consumed quickly.

You will have a much better idea of what moves with you once you downsize. Keeping the property may mean that some items will remain in your home. If you have other belongings, you can store them or ask friends or family if they would like to store them for you. Determine what items might be especially difficult to move due to their age, size, or value before you decide what fits.

It is better to start packing your things sooner rather than later, especially if you won’t hire a professional to do it. The last-minute is the worst time to wait. An inventory of all your items should be documented in writing, through photos, or with video. Several rooms could be packed at the same time, and labels could be displayed on the boxes. Keep an eye out for fragile items.

Determine which moving company will most suit your needs based on the criteria provided above, whether it’s Local VIP Movers or a company in between. Budget carefully, as a professional mover that is mostly stress-free might not be worth it if it puts too much strain on your finances.



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