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Do you need help preparing for your move? Our moving company has all your moving needs covered. Put your hands on the wheel and let our professional packers handle your valuables with care. A modern moving van will be used to load everything onto which our movers will handle your property safely and securely. Our team of procrastinators can assist you with packing and loading your precious cargo, even if you provide the truck. If you want to drive yourself, then do so. 

There is even the possibility that we will meet you at your destination within the Redondo Beach area and help you unload.


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Moving to Redondo Beach? Here is what you can expect once you get to Redondo Beach.

There are three spots in Los Angeles County that can be considered beach cities, including Redondo Beach, California. Beach volleyball tournaments, surf, and sand are popular activities at Redondo Beach. Redondo Beach can be found at the foot of the Palos Verdes bluffs, just below the cliffs. Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Lawndale, Manhattan Beach, and Torrance are also within the city limits of Redondo Beach.

Visitors and residents of Redondo Beach alike will enjoy dining, shopping, and hanging out in the downtown district. In addition to several great restaurants and boutiques, the area has several wine galleries. In addition to parks and libraries, the city also has a performing arts center and two public libraries. There are many activities and entertainment options in the city. A public high school, two middle schools, and eight elementary schools are located in the Redondo Beach Unified School District.


A population of 67,664 people lives in Redondo Beach with a median age of 40.7. There are 103,782 households with a median income of $103,782. With a median property value of $775,300 and a homeownership rate of 49.6%, the city has a high rate of homeownership. Whites constitute 62 percent of Redondo Beach’s population, Hispanics 17 percent, and Asians 12.4%.


It was the original beach resort in California, and it played an important role in bringing people to the Pacific, which is why the Beach Boys refer to it in “Surfin’ USA”.

In addition to Body Glove, Black Flag, and The Smothers Brothers, who graduated from Redondo Beach High, Redondo Beach also gave birth to the surfing brand Body Glove and the punk band Black Flag. As well as the television show Dexter, 24, and The O.C., the city was a prominent place for the films Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


For $20,000, the Redondo Beach Improvement Company bought the coastal tract of 433 acres in 1889. The land that became the nucleus of Redondo Beach was promoted, developed, and sold by the developers. With Hotel Redondo’s opening in 1890, Redondo will be a tourist attraction for many years to come, as railroad and steamship travels make their way there. After the construction of the first city hall in 1908, sports anglers were attracted to the city’s piers. Work begins on the marina that Redondo has today in 1956. Representative Cecil King was the man behind King Harbor’s construction and was responsible for it. In the 1950s and 1960s, Redondo Beach’s population grew rapidly, and now it is a popular tourist destination.



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As a new resident of Redondo Beach, you should be aware of many services and organizations in the city. We’ve provided you with some crucial contact information so that you can easily settle into your new home in Redondo Beach. In addition to utilities and community service associations, sports facilities are also represented, along with local government and state government entities.


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